Spectromitillite is a Discord server created by DanzxvFan8275. It is owned by him currently as well. It was created as a personal server for Phillydan25.


  1. Do not spam in large amounts. It’s alright to spam a few messages at a time, but if it gets out of hand, an admin or mod may take action.
  2. You may ask for any role from Extra Ultra All-Pro under (although most users are just promoted to this role), but do not ask for the Crap Mod or DA RULAS roles. These are earned.
  3. Do not minimod. If you see a user breaking the rules, please tell an admin or mod.
  4. Do not abuse the bots - they’re used to have fun, not to spam with.
  5. Do not use the @everyone command unless you have a valid reason to.
  6. Do not send NSFW pics outside of #nsfw.
  7. Do not use bots outside of #bots.


  • #announcements - Only admins and mods can message here, bitch!!!! Important messages from Da Rulas and Crap Mods.
  • #polls - Polls on about anything.
  • #verify - Post here if you have not received the "Verified" role.
  • #general - General chat. Talk about whatever the fuck you want.
  • #question_shit - Ask questions here if you need answers.
  • #bots - Location to use commands for Ultimate DanzxvFan8275 Channel's bots.
  • #nsfw - Channel for NSFW (not safe for work) content.
  • #test - Testing channel.



Crap ModsEdit



On July 17, 2017, Spectromitillite went into lockdown. All invites were closed, and the discord sidebar was removed on this wiki and the Phillydan25 Wiki. This soon ended on July 29, 2017.

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